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Cryogenic Components

CryoCircuits components are selected and typically qualified for operation in a liquid nitrogen bath (77K). Parts can also be qualified at other temperatures and by other cooling methods under separate contract.


Some of the component families we offer are listed below. Please visit our full Cryogenic Component Catalog. If you require parts that are not listed, please contact us with your specific needs.

• Cryo-Capacitors

• Cryogenic Resistors

• Cryogenic Diodes

• Cryogenic Inductors


• Cryogenic Inverters

• Cryogenic Converters

• Cryogenic Switches

• Cryogenic Rectifiers

• Cryogenic Interface Circuitry

• Cryogenic Exciters

• Cryogenic Amplifiers

• Cryogenic Control Circuitry



• Connectors and Cables

• Epoxies and materials

• Miscellaneous Hardware

• Cryogenic Current Sensors and Probes

• Strain Gages

CryoCircuits Cryogenic Components